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Sixth Form Lecture Series

Join us for the Spring Term Sixth Form Lecture Series, as we welcomed a host of varied lectures from some of the most experienced professionals in the country.

We hope you find the carefully curated programme both interesting and inspiring.

All lectures will take place in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre and will be followed by food in the Sixth Form Centre.

For more information please contact David Jordan.

Worksop College Science Lecture Final

A series of five 10 minute Science talks will come from fellow students.

Charlie Armstrong

"I will be doing my lecture on black holes. The subject of black holes has fascinated me both from sci-fi films, and it’s potential to help us learn so much more about our universe and maybe more. My interest is in particular it’s effects on our concept of time, and also the implications it holds for the beginning and the end of the universe."

Phasin Chomsomboon

"Dimensions,Space and Time"

Renit Tsui

"I have chosen to give a talk on dream interpretation since dream is always a mystery which we are puzzled by. This is why it triggers my curiosity to look into it more in-depth so that I can unravel the doubt that everybody else may  also have. In the talk,I aim to present the evolution of how people have been looking at dream, and to unveil this mystery!"

Joe  Lippitt

"A short presentation on some of the most famous explosives and chemical mixtures, their history, uses and how they explode."

Amy Wu

"I am focusing on abnormal psychology, to be specific—schizophrenic disorders. I distinguish the symptoms of disorders and explain what reason cause disorders using different areas’ evidences, including biological, chemical, psychological, and sociological...And the different treatments are also included.The most important point is the vital effect of everyone’s respect to the patients who have mantel disorders.The reason why I chose this topic is I want more people can know more about disorders and show respect by giving love to them."

Interested? Secure your place by booking online.

Date: 15 Jan 2019
Location: Worksop College
Price Free
Box office: