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Sixth Form Lecture Series

Join us for the Spring Term Sixth Form Lecture Series, as we welcomed a host of varied lectures from some of the most experienced professionals in the country.

We hope you find the carefully curated programme both interesting and inspiring.

All lectures will take place in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre and will be followed by food in the Sixth Form Centre.

For more information please contact David Jordan.

Paul Freemont - Synthetic Biology: Designing the Future

Paul Freemont will be visiting from Imperial College London to give a talk on Synthetic Biology. He will be exploring whether we can reprogram organisms by redesigning their genetic code and considering the applications of this in healthcare, energy, manufacturing and the environment.

Are we ready for the construction of new life forms?

Synthetic Biology – Designing the Future

The ‘reading’ of DNA is a solved technological problem but what about ‘writing’ DNA? Can we program or reprogram organisms by redesigning their genetic codes? Recent technological advances allow us to chemically synthesise large pieces of DNA enabling the rewriting of genetic codes. By applying an engineering design framework to program or reprogram biological systems at the genetic level, we are at the beginning of a new ‘Biotechnological Revolution’ with broad applications in healthcare, energy, manufacturing and the environment. How will this impact on societal and cultural concerns and are we ready for the construction of new life forms?



Professor Paul Freemont (Imperial College London)

Professor Paul Freemont is co-founder of the Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation (2009) and the Co-Director of the National UK Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Synthetic Biology (SynbiCITE; since 2013) at Imperial College London. He is also currently Head of the new Section of Structural Biology in the Department of Medicine at Imperial. His research interests span from understanding the molecular mechanisms of human diseases and infection to applying synthetic biology tools as novel biosensors and is the author of over 220 scientific publications.

He is a member of European Molecular Biology Organisation and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and Royal Society of Medicine. He was a co-author of the British Government’s UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap and participated as a technical expert in the United Nations Convention for Biological Diversity and Biological Weapons Convention. He has appeared regularly on radio and television broadcasts on the subject of synthetic biology.

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Date: 29 Jan 2019
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Location: Worksop College
Price Free
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